The Daily Spoon #9 – #MonthoftheSpoon

In celebration of the Spoons of our life–ubiquitous but often unrecognized–Blue Towel Productions is proud to present the Daily Spoon, which we were are celebrating this September, the Month of the Spoon. #MonthoftheSpoon

Today’s post features a spoon that isn’t at all special to me.

The Daily Spoon #9a

Just an ordinary tablespoon-type spoon, right?  So it appears, and so it is.  And as you can see, it’s a bit dirty, because I’d just used it to feed my cat.



That cat prefers tuna in springwater, and nothing else will do.

(Well, that’s not quite true.  Any rats in the neighborhood will also do, it seems.)

But when it comes to his domestic eating, he usually prefers tuna.  And he doesn’t care if there’s a spoon in his way.

The Daily Spoon #9d

And that’s how most of us are, right?  We want to eat, and we’re not worried about a spoon or two lying around.  We just use whatever we need, and then chuck it into the sink until it gets washed and we use it again.

And indeed that’s exactly what happened here, because this is the same spoon that I ate my breakfast with.  It was then cleaned before being repurposed to feed our animals.

The Daily Spoon #9c

You can see there’s nothing special about it, right?  The back stamp doesn’t even have a company name on it–it just says, “Stainless Steel”.  It’s got these funny little dots on it that make it a bit ugly.  And I have no idea how it actually got into my house.

But there it is, doing its duty, and serving its owners, like a good spoon should.

The Daily Spoon #9e

So thanks, ugly little spoon!  Thanks for doing your duty even when nobody else cares.

This day is your day.

See you next time on Blue Towel Productions for more of The Daily Spoon as part of The Month of the Spoon.


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