I Ain’t Your Caffeine Monster [Short Film]

So not long ago the people in my work team and I put together a little film project called I Ain’t Your Caffeine Monster.

I Ain't Your Caffeine Monster 2

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Presenting: Unattended (Short Film…short, short film)

So recently my media-related ministry had a team retreat, and during that time we had a short film exercise to work on.  There were very few boundaries except in terms of time, (we ended up having about 1 1/4 hours to film, and the movie had to focus around a conflict between two characters.

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A Short Movie: Lost in Spaces

A few months ago, the missions community that I work at was going on a staff retreat.  One of the highlights of that semi-regular occasion is a “No Talent Night”.  My friend Rod approached me with the idea of producing a short film for that evening.  Ideas were bandied about and plans drawn up, and in the end, the movie you see at the bottom of the article was the result…more or less.

Lost in Spaces.jpg

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Hanna Jo Stories Episode 12 Outtakes (Episode 11, too)

Just the other day I uploaded Episode 12 of The Hanna Jo Stories, the children’s audio series that I’ve been working on, intermittently, for some time.

I like to put together outtakes for most of my projects, and so here are some funny little bits from the making of this last one.

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Weekly Geeky Question #52: Christmas Television Specials

Here we are, on the last Weekly Geeky Question of 2018, and the last one for the foreseeable future. And for this final week, my friend Rod (who has been asking me geeky questions as blog prompts all year long), has gone Christmas-themed. And it actually comes in two parts this time. The first part is this:

What is my favorite Christmas television special?

A Charlie Brown Christmas.png

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Presenting: Call Me

It’s taken a long time, but we’re finally finished with Call Me, a short film shot in June 2016 which I wrote and directed.  It’s hard to say much about it without giving away its premise, except to say that the story is about a woman named Reg who comes to her office to find a note from a colleague asking her to call him.  When she does, he expresses complete surprise about the note.  As the conversation continues, the two discover something much stranger is actually happening.

Please enjoy it here and let me know what you think.