Quantum Leap – Pool Hall Blues [2.18]

Sam leaps Charlie “Black Magic” Walters a renowned pool player in the 1950’s.  The pool hall owned by his granddaughter Violet is under financial threat, and may go to a shady pool player / loan shark named Eddie, who also has designs on Violet herself.  Sam must face off with Eddie in a pool game for the ownership of the hall.  With Al’s holographic assistance, he is able to win the game and keep Viola’s dream alive of turning the hall into a blues club.

Written by Randy Holland. Directed by Joe Napolitano

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Quantum Leap – Good Night, Dear Heart [2.17]

Sam leaps into Melvin Spooner, a mortician who also acts as the coroner in a small town in Massachusetts, who is investigating the death of a young German woman named Hilla Doehner.  Her death is apparently a suicide, but Sam comes to believe its murder and that he is there to bring her killer to justice.

Written by Paul Brown. Directed by Christopher T. Welch.

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Quantum Leap – Freedom [2.16]

Sam faces blatant racism again, this time as a young Native American named George Washakie, who is in jail for theft with his dying grandfather.  They break out with the intention of returning to their native land, so that the grandfather can live out his final days there.  Sam must contend with both his prejudiced lawmen as well as his own desire to seek medical care to prolong his grandfather’s life in order to fulfill his wishes.

Written by Chris Ruppenthal . Directed by Alan J. Levi

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Quantum Leap – Her Charm [2.15]

Sam leaps into FBI Agent Peter Langly, tasked with protecting witness Dana Berrenger from murder at the hands of a vindictive criminal. Because of suspicions that the criminal has an source inside the FBI, Sam improvises his own plan to save Dana, but the danger still persists.  Eventually, Sam and Dana realize that the traitor is actually Langly, his own host. Nonetheless, Sam is able to save Dana from both the criminal and from Langly himself.

Teleplay by Deborah Pratt and Donald P. Bellisario.  Story by Paul M. Belous & Robert Wolterstorff and Deborah Pratt & Donald P. Bellisario. Directed by Christopher T. Welch

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Quantum Leap – All-Americans [2.14]

Sam leaps into Eddie Vega, a high school football star, shortly before a championship game which his friend Chuey is fated to purposely lose.  He discovers that this is because Chuey’s landlord is pressuring his family for money.  Sam has to figure out how to help Chuey do the right thing and avoid throwing away his future.

Written by Paul Brown and Donald P. Bellisario. Directed by John Cullum.

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Quantum Leap – Another Mother [2.13]

Sam leaps into the divorced Linda Bruckner, and has to save her teenaged son from a random murder while also navigating the demands of motherhood.  Complicating things is the fact that Linda’s youngest child can see and hear Al, and can see Sam for who he really is.

Written by Deborah Pratt. Directed by Joseph L. Scanlon

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Quantum Leap – Animal Frat [2.12]

Sam leaps into a college party-loving frat boy named Knut “Wild Thing” Wileton, shortly before some of his anti-war classmates get in trouble for going too far with their protests.  Sam must overcome prejudices against him from one in particular, an attractive girl named Elisabeth, in order to convince her that her actions are misguided.

Written by Chris Ruppenthal. Directed by Gilbert Shilton

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Quantum Leap – Portrait for Troian [2.11]

Sam leaps into Dr. Timothy Mintz, a parapsychologist hired by Troian Claridge to prove that her home is haunted by the ghost of her dead husband Julian.  Sam of course does not believe in ghosts or supernatural phenomenon, while Al is more easily spooked.  Eventually, Sam discovers that the culprit is Troian’s brother Jimmy, who is attempting to goad his sister into suicide for financial reasons.  But even with his malicious intent exposed, a final twist reveals that a ghost has played a role in the story after all.

Story by John Hill & Scott Shepherd.  Teleplay by Scott Shepherd & Donald P. Bellisario. Directed by Michael Zinberg

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Quantum Leap – Catch a Falling Star [2.10]

Sam becomes Ray Hutton, a stage actor currently cast as an understudy to a famous but unpleasant actor in the lead role in Man of La Mancha.  When he realizes that a fellow understudy is a woman he was smitten with in the past who is romantically involved with his current host, Sam becomes conflicted about completing his mission.

Written by Paul Brown. Directed by Donald P. Bellisario

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Quantum Leap – So Help Me God [2.9]

Sam leaps into young lawyer Leonard Dancey in the 1950’s, and makes the decision to defy convention by defending a black woman on trial for murdering the son of the leading citizen of a small southern town.  Sam must overcome prejudice from all sides and his defendant’s own unwillingness to speak to find out what really happened, and save his client from the electric chair.

Written by Deborah Pratt. Directed by Andy Cadiff.

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