It started off making tapes when I was kid, and has progressed into a number of continuing dramatic audio series of varying quality that I’ve produced over the years.  Click on the links to learn more and to listen to mp3’s of these projects.

Most are suitable for all-ages.  Captain Strong has some violent action (told usually in an amusing way) and a few somewhat suggestive jokes.

The Adventures of Captain Strong – Scourge of the High Seas
A 50 episode (so far) serial, telling a story of high adventure and romance, with a fair amount of goofy comedy as well.  Mixed audio quality, but a story that mostly holds up and is entertaining thanks to some amusing performances, clever dialog, and surprising plot twists.  Fifty episodes gives you the opportunity to set up some fun story reveals!

The Hanna Jo Stories
An audio series developed specifically for my children.  Containing elements of Doctor Doolittle and Doctor Who, the series is about a girl who travels from world to world in her spaceship, helping the creatures she meets and making new friends.  Nine episodes so far, with the stories becoming increasingly funnier and more complex as they go along.

True Blues Retold
An audio-book style retelling of an unavailable for web-distribution audio series I’d done in the past.  Primarily featuring one reader bringing a multitude of characters to life, this one is also a favorite amongst my children.  The story is about four disparate characters who encounter each other in the heartland of America, and find they have more in common than they ever expected.  Will Johnny ever find justice?  Will Bo ever find acceptance?  Will Randy ever find out who he is?  And will Frank ever get the blues?

The Most Boring Radio Station in the World
A two minute one-off bit, about exactly what it says.