Merry Awkward Christmas!

So, it’s Christmas!  As always, there’s so much to celebrate and do, involving lots of work and lots of fun.  Right now, my daughter is playing with a lazer tag set that her friend got.  They are about to shoot at each other in our back yard.

I don’t have a lot to say this Christmas in relation to the day itself, but I like to post something here, so I thought I’d share one of quirkier Christmas-related stories that I have experienced, just to highlight a situation where Christmas, well, didn’t exactly go wrong, but just got a bit weird.

Strange Christmas.jpg

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Geeking Out With My Daughters: Preparing for the Future [Doctor Who–The Empty Child]

I’ve been watching Doctor Who with my children recently, going back to the beginning of the revival series (aka, what’s easily available on Netflix).  Just today we got up to The Empty Child by Steven Moffat, and part way through the second episode of the two-parter, The Doctor Dances before real life got in the way.

If you are familiar with it, you know that it’s pretty creepy stuff, and I’d say the first great story that the series produced.

Anyway, shortly afterwards as we were getting ready to go, my middle child (13 years old now) starts chattering to me about what’s she’s taking away from the show, and says this:

So, rules if you are in a little-child-in-a-gasmask-pocalypse:  don’t open the door, don’t answer the phone, tell the child to go to his room but then don’t go to his room yourself.

It warms my heart as a parent to see my kids offspring pulling these important life lessons out of their popular entertainment!

A Legion of Nerdy Mugs

So, it turns out that I have a number of hobbies and interests that some might consider to be, how shall we put this, a bit “nerdy”: for example, comic books or science fiction TV or mystery games, etc.

And it turns out that like many people with nerdy interests, I have a birthday.  One that I celebrate every year, often with presents.  Plus Christmas.

And I think sometimes people aren’t sure what to get me, even though I–like all people with a hobby–think I’m a pretty easy person to shop for (“Just get The Flash by Geoff Johns, vol. 3 or Showcase Presents The Unknown Soldier vol 2 or a Doctor Who DVD, but not the new series, cuz I watch that on iTunes or Netflix–c’mon, it’s so obvious!”)

Anyway, the result of this confluence of circumstances is that over the years, I have received  a lot of mugs.  A lot of nerdy mugs. Even…a Legion of nerdy mugs!

Mugs Legion
My favorite comic series, the Legion of Super-Heroes, started with only three members, so six definitely counts

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Actor Appreciation: 90th in their 90’s during the 90’s

A while ago I was talking to my friend who is also into movies and we somehow got into a thing of wondering about actors who kept acting until they were quite old, specifically into their 90’s.  Then we were wondering how many actors were acting in their 90’s during the 1990’s.  And that got me wondering if there are any who actually acted in their 90th film, in the 90’s, while they were in their 90’s.  Could it be?  I resolved to find out. Continue reading Actor Appreciation: 90th in their 90’s during the 90’s

Again with the hands: Funny Things My Daughter Says (#10)

My kids are getting a bit older so it’s less and less often that they come out with really random and funny comments.

However, recently my youngest (now 10 years old) and I were coming back from a playground and she suddenly pipes up with something like, “I wish people’s hands could come off.”


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Creepy Clowns

So, the Uncanny Valley…

This is a term that refers to certain types of depictions of people – drawings, CGI renderings, mannequins, statues, etc – where things sit in between being “perfectly realistic” and “clearly not realistic”.  The idea is that when a person looks completely realistic, of course you don’t think anything of it because it’s just normal.  And when something looks clearly not realistic, it is easy to accept it or even think its cute because your brain has no difficulty discerning that it’s obviously made up – you know, like Elmer Fudd, or Wall-E, or Kermit the Frog. Continue reading Creepy Clowns

Strange Times in the Cinema – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Back in 2009, my (grown) nephew was visiting my family in Australia, and we decided it would be fun to take in a movie.  So the two of us took a look at what was out there, and decided to go see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  I think we had already heard the bad reviews, but were willing to give it a go for the benefit of seeing something big and loud and hopefully fun.  So off we went to the last theatre in the downtown of Perth, my home located on the West Coast of Australia.  It was a fun little theatre called the Picadilly, which has since closed down, and used to show movies a little later than you’d see in the multiplexes, and for a lot cheaper. Continue reading Strange Times in the Cinema – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

A Birthday Message From My Children… [Funny Things My Daughters Did]

…not to me, but to my mother-in-law.  She celebrated her 70th birthday recently, but she has been away overseas, too far away to go visit or anything.  So my three daughters and I put together this little video to honor their Oma’s special day.

This is an edited version, with our personal messages removed, but the “dramatic” portions retained.  My girls had a fun time making it, and something about all of their personalities really shines through here.