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Being Moved by the Greatest Story You Could Tell

June 27, 2015 1 comment

The other evening I watched a story.

I enjoy stories, I like examining them, pulling them apart, being led around on a fun narrative journey. Sometimes they engage my intellect, sometimes they grab my imagination, sometimes they stir up my emotions.

The other night, the story I watched moved me in my feelings in a way I haven’t often experienced. It was the story I already know pretty well, that I’ve seen or read many times, visualized by many different artists. It was the story of the Gospel. The story of God’s love relationship with his creation. The story of Jesus. The story of me. Read more…

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Descent, Part II [7.1]

June 18, 2015 1 comment

Data, under Lore’s thrall, conducts experiments on Geordi as part of Lore’s vision to destroy all organic life forms.  Realizing that in addition to feeding him emotions, Lore has also has dismantled Data’s ethical programming, Picard and the others attempt to find a way to restore it.  Read more…

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A little funny, a little creepy – Funny Things My Daughter Says (#9)

June 12, 2015 Leave a comment

So, recently, I’m putting my kids to bed, and I’m having a funny little chat with the youngest.  She’s all of 9 years old now, but still enjoys, I think, being the youngest. Read more…

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Tomorrowland (As middle-of-the-road as you’ve heard)

June 7, 2015 2 comments


Now, the mixed-bag that is Tomorrowland has been well documented by many critic and reviewers, do I really need to add anything?  I feel like I do, or at least I want to, because I’ve been a bit slow on this blog lately and because this was a movie that I was really hopeful for.  Upon what were those hopes founded?  Really, not much, except for the trailers.  Or just certain bits of the trailers.  The imagery of young Casey being transported upon touching that pin – the cleanness of the transition and the frightening mystery of what is happening really gripped my imagination. Read more…

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season Six Summary

May 16, 2015 1 comment

Season Six of Next Generation is beginning to show a few signs of growing thin, but overall still makes for enjoyable viewing.  The thin-ness is really the same as for Season Five – there are no big story-arcs winding up.  Indeed, there aren’t really any big story-arcs winding down either.  Those all finished a couple of years prior, and the new ones are really being saved for Deep Space Nine.  We also see the roles of various regular fixtures on board the ship sort of peter out, such as Guinan, Alexander, Ro, and the O’Briens.  Though some will show up one more time next year, basically their presence as regular parts of the Next Generation landscape end on a whimper this year.

What we do get is a bunch of stand-alone episodes, including some great of ones.  Read more…

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Descent [6.26]

May 12, 2015 1 comment

During a battle with the Borg, Data unexpectedly finds himself experiencing a flash of anger.  Confused and concerned by his newly discovered capacity for emotions, Data finds himself lured by a Borg prisoner to set him free and escape with him to join his mysterious leader.  Read more…

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Timescape [6.25]

May 11, 2015 1 comment

Picard, Troi, Data and Geordi, en route to the Enterprise after a conference, encounter a series of odd temporal distortions.  Eventually, they find that the entire ship is frozen in a moment in time, during what is apparently a battle with a Romulan warbird.  Read more…


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