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I Know It’s Not That Good…And Yet…

July 26, 2015 2 comments

I just thumbed through Empire magazine’s latest issue – a list of the 300 greatest movies!  I was just scanning it to count how many of the film’s I had seen, and I came up with what I felt was a pretty respectable number: 158. That means there’s a lot I’ve seen, although there is a fair amount I’ve missed. Of course, not surprisingly, the list–apparently a reader poll–didn’t perfectly reflect my own well-considered opinions on the high points of cinema. But then how could it? I mean this is a list that includes Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Skyfall?

Really, Skyfall? I mean, I liked Skyfall, but we honestly couldn’t come up 299 films that were better than Skyfall? Read more…

Molly Danger – All Ages & Worth Supporting

July 19, 2015 Leave a comment

My daughter’s love comics. Pretty much all three of them. But it turns out that by and large, 9-12 year old girls aren’t the main target audience for most comics. That in itself is okay except that it also turns out that the target audience for most comics seem to be really into things that my girls don’t like, or that I as their parent don’t think they should be exposing themselves to in excess (ie intense violence, lots of cruelty, women with improbable bodies walking around looking like their working at a strip club).

So it’s always a nice treat to find something that is truly “all ages” – that I can enjoy as a 45 year old adult, and that my daughters can also enjoy in their childhood and preteen years.   I wrote about one of my favorite such books a while ago here – but another one that I discovered in the last year or so is Molly Danger by Jamal Igle, published by Action Lab Entertainment.

Molly Danger Read more…

Cancelled TV Show Calvacade (Forever, Selfie, Shark)

July 17, 2015 Leave a comment

Regular network, commercial TV doesn’t get a lot of love from me anymore. It’s not that I’m not, and it’s not even that I don’t ever watch anything. Instead, it’s just that I don’t have time to watch them in the old-fashioned “normal” way. I guess this is like many people nowadays.

For me, the issue is just one of scheduling. First of all, I’m not living in America, where the TV schedule was a bit easier to get a handle on than it is in Australia. Secondly, I don’t get to watch that much TV in Australia in my normal life just straight off the TV.   So a lot of my TV viewing comes in watching stuff online on the Australian TV network’s websites, or buying something off iTunes, or even catching things while I’m flying (thank you, extensive in-flight entertainment systems!)

So lately, in various ways I’ve caught a few episodes of a few shows, all of which are already cancelled. This is both a blessing a curse, I guess. On one hand, it’s always a little sad when a show you like is cancelled. On the other hand, there’s something sort of encouraging when you know that a show you are just spending on time on isn’t going to go on forever. And of course, sometimes it’s a blessing thing because the show itself isn’t all that good. Read more…

Gnomesville: Mostly Harmless

July 14, 2015 Leave a comment

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy
Hamlet, Hamlet

Life is full of wonder, kid, it’s full of wonders you can barely imagine…
Walter P. Matthias, True Blues


Read more…

Doctor Who: Primeval [Big Finish]

July 12, 2015 Leave a comment

It’s been a long time but I’ve finally gotten around to starting my second “subscription” of Big Finish Doctor Who audios – starting with Release #26 of their main range, Primeval. This story stars Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor and Sarah Sutton as his companion Nyssa, and connects itself to the broader Doctor Who mythology by taking place on Traken, Nyssa’s home world that was only seen on TV in her debut story, Keeper of Traken, and was destroyed in an off-the-cuff manner in the follow up tale, Logopolis.

Doctor Who - Primeval

The idea here is that Nyssa is sick, and the Doctor has taken her to Traken for help, but thousands of years before Nyssa’s time. Nyssa’s illness is implied to be connected to the closing moment in the TV serial Four to Doomsday where Nyssa faints. At the time, it had apparently happened just to limit the number of regulars appearing in the following story (Kinda). But Primeval suggests that her sickness is the result of telepathic influence from a powerful psychic enemy with a deep hatred for Traken as part of his plot for vengeance. Read more…

In Time / Chronicle – Movies on a Plane!

July 10, 2015 Leave a comment

It’s time for another international flight and you know what that means…

Movies on a plane!

There are no official rules, but generally speaking I tend to gravitate toward movies that I’m curious about but that are not too emotionally or intellectually demanding, but that I still want to see, but that I’m not all that hopeful about and therefore would rather not spend any money on. And of course, something that I haven’t seen recently, or ever. Read more…

Doctor Who: The Auntie Matter [Big Finish – Fourth Doctor]

July 6, 2015 Leave a comment

The Auntie Matter is a Doctor Who audio drama from the creative minds at Big Finish. Other than their 50th anniversary story, The Light at the End (which was indeed my gateway into Big Finish’s wares), it’s the first one that I’ve listened to to feature Tom Baker, the popular but somewhat eccentric actor who played the 4th Doctor for so many years in the 1970’s. He is paired on this occasion with Mary Tamm, who played the first incarnation of the Time Lady Romana, who featured on the series for only one year. Mary Tamm apparently recorded this and several other stories in a series shortly prior to her death just recently in 2012.

Doctor Who - Fourth Doctor - The Auntie MatterThe Auntie Matter is a clever title for a clever story. Read more…


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