Doctor Who A to Z: V is for Villains

Inspired by a series of Facebook posts that I saw, we have been running through an alphabetical series of Doctor Who-related themes. However, lately there haven’t been any updates to the Facebook posts so I hadn’t been continuing this series. I’ve decided not to wait any longer and just come up with own prompts. So, today we continue this with the letter V…


Nothing fancy here, just who are my favorite villains. And by “villains”, we mean individual beings, not general alien races.

But, picking my absolute favorite might be a bit complicated. Instead we’ll just say, who are some of my favorite villains. We’ll go with three….

Salamander, The Enemy of the World

A double of the Second Doctor, Salamander was a ruthless politician who was bribing, threatening and murdering his way into absolute global power. One thing I like about him is that he’s not an alien super-being, but rather just an ordinary human madman, and yet is still dangerous to the Doctor. (Of course, he does have a machine which makes earthquakes, so there is that). Salamander is played with great relish by Patrick Troughton. which is a big part of why the character works so well.

Sutekh, Pyramids of Mars

On the opposite end of the spectrum here is Sutkeh, a being of immense power that he easily dwarfs anything the Doctor can throw at him. Played by Gabriel Woolf, Sutekh is a being who revels in destruction, whose evil is abundantly clear as he sacrifices life after life in a bid for freedom. The whole story of the Doctor’s battle against Sutekh is one of desperation; it’s clear that the Doctor is hopelessly outclassed, which makes each victory he wins, both large and small, all the more satisfying.

Sharaz Jek, The Caves of Androzani

The last of our little villainous trifecta is Sharaz Jek, played by Christopher Gable. Jek was a master at making and programming androids who had been betrayed by business partner Morgus in a way that left him horribly disfigured and insane. When the Doctor meets him he’s using his androids as an army to hold ransom the system’s supply source for the highly valuable drug, Spectrox. In a story which featured a guest cast of nearly all villains, Jek remains a standout for his madness, memorable look, and surprisingly sympathetic demeanor.

There we go–three of the series’ best villains, especially if we limit ourselves to characters who were one-off.

One thought on “Doctor Who A to Z: V is for Villains

  1. Salamander, Sutekh and Sharaz Jek are indeed worthy selections for this list. Mine would include Harrison Chase in The Seeds Of Doom, Vivien Fay in The Stones Of Blood and Light in Ghost Light.

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