Doug 2: Electric Bus Boogaloo [Short Film]

And it’s finally here!  The sequel to last year’s breakaway hit, Lost in Spaces, debuted at this year’s staff retreat of the missions organization I work with (just before all the COVID-19 restrictions began to hit in force), and as of today it’s made it’s online debut.

Doug 2 Electric Bus Boogaloo

Doug 2:  Electric Bus Boogaloo!

Well okay, it’s a bit much to call Lost in Spaces a “hit” of any sort, but it was fairly popular amongst the audience for which it was made, at last year’s staff retreat.  When that event rolled around again, My Friend Rod and I decided it was time for a follow-up.

Doug 2e

But you know, we didn’t want to just do it, right?  We didn’t to make it just to have a sequel.  We only wanted to do it if the story was there, if the story was right, if there was a compelling reason to revisit these characters, if I could do it in all artistic integrity….

Doug 2 a

Or so I hear just about every time an actor or director talks about a sequel in Hollywood.  Strangely enough, in this case, I found it to be true.  Rod brought up the idea of another film, but both of us were a bit reluctant because we just didn’t know if we had the story to justify it.  But then we met, hashed it out over a couple of hours, and came up with the bones of what you can now watch online.

Doug 2 c

So if you haven’t seen Lost in Spaces, but you want to, let me bring that in as well right here.  Please be aware that if you don’t know Youth With A Mission Perth, there’s probably a lot that won’t quite make sense, but I think in general there’s still some things to enjoy.

Lost in Spaces (2019):

And now, if you are still hanging on, it’s my pleasure to share the sequelAs you can see, we’ve adopted the naming convention popularized by the Rambo films and the Indiana Jones films, and others, of putting the main character’s name in the title, but only starting with the second installment.

Doug 2f

Doug 2: Electric Bus Boogaloo

Doug is back! In Doug 2: Electric Bus Boogaloo, Doug’s surprise return to YWAM Perth proves to have unexpected consequences for the people around him. This leads to a dangerous turn for Doug and his classmates as they prepare for outreach.




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