I’m Gonna Use That in a Story Someday… (#6)

Another post about random story ideas that come to me from time to time – either plots, characters, or moments, usually that I find amusing.  No guarantee is made that anyone else will find them interesting.This morning I had to run a quick errand – I had to take two single foam mattresses to a building just a couple of blocks away.  I stuffed the two mattresses into my car and drove down the street.  It’s a Sunday, it was quite early, and I was in a light industrial area, so there was very little traffic.  Still, at one point I had to wait for a moment while another car was driving nearby awkwardly.  Then the driver turned in front of me, giving me a better view of his car…

…and it turned out that he was also driving with some sort of cushions jammed into his car!  I thought, What are the odds of that?

So naturally, I got to thinking…

What if…for some reason, not just me, and not just another guy, but what if dozens, hundreds…or even thousands of guys across our city woke up this morning convinced that it was a good and sensible idea to take a mattress, a pile of pillows, a couch cushion, or some other similar item a short distance away by car.  Just imagine some protagonist discovering this.  Imagine dozens of guys rolling down their windows, looking at each other, mystified by what is happening, yet each convinced they had a good reason for their seemingly harmless actions.

Who could engineer such a thing?  Why would they do it?  It couldn’t really just be a coincidence…could it?

I don’t  know, but someday, when inspiration strikes and I come up with the answers, it might wind up in a story.

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