Episode Twelve of The Hanna Jo Stories, a children’s adventure series from the Blue Towel Radio Theatre.  Hanna Jo must contend with simultaneous crises that erupt on neighbouring worlds, Duck Land and Pig Land, and discover the threat common to them both.  In the meantime, an old “friend” makes a surprise reappearance…Bo the Duck!

• Written by Ben McClure

• Sound Effects

Production Notes:  Episode 12 is the third of the four episodes I recorded as one extended block, which has not really achieved its goal of making production faster, and indeed has possibly slowed me down as it was over a year ago that I released Episode 11. The big event in this episode from a story point of view is the reappearance of the villain who kicked off this series of stories back in Episode 10, as well as a return visit from one of my personal favorite characters, Bo the Duck.

Bonus Material:

A deleted scene, and some outtakes.