Episode Six of The Hanna Jo Stories, a children’s adventure series from the Blue Towel Radio Theatre. Hanna Jo finds herself lost and wandering in a strange land, with no knowledge of how she got there or even who she is.  Meanwhile, her friends frantically attempt to find her.

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Production Notes: Episode Six of The Hanna Jo Stories was based on only one plot from the original tales that I shared with my daughters – “Dream Land.”  It was an opportunity to introduce a new character, Goldie, who was not only based on my daughter’s stuffed toy cat, but meant to actually be her toy cat, come to life in her dream.  Goldie is her favorite character in the series, so she’s been looking forward for quite a long time to playing her herself.  So this story was a significant one for her.  A lot of the details of Dream Land are in fact based on things that she really loves – chicken, cats, the color orange, etc.

Episode Six was rushed into writing and production when it turned out that new series lead, Bairbre, was leaving Perth, similar to her predecessor.  Bairbre did a great job in it, but it turned out to be her only starring turn in the series (though she will continue to show up in cameos elsewhere).

The “Dream Land” setting allowed us to bring back Anders as Darby the Guinea Pig, as well as the Old Sea Turtle from Episode Four.  Darby is perhaps my favorite character, so this was a pleasure to do.  However, even more significantly, it allowed us to bring into the tale Bo the Duck, one of my best character creations, originally from True Blues It was great to write and perform new material for him, and makes me ponder the possibility of producing another long-held germ of an idea, The Adventures of Bo the Duck – Master of Time!  

This episode ends with a deliberate cliff hanger, and thus begins a story arc that will only conclude with Episode Nine.

Bonus Material:

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