Boys Will Be Boys

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a Writing Seminar.  One of our projects was to interview a classmate and turn an incident from their life into a short story. Since then, I’ve revised and added to this story, and the result is what you have here.  It is shared with the permission of the person who lived it (or a variation of it, anyway). 

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Hanna Jo online

The Hanna Jo Stories are one of the hardest of my projects to write.  It just takes a long time for me to find the dynamic of telling “done-in-one” stories that have kids (and not just any kids, but my kids) as a target audience that are suitable for their ages without being too saccharine about it.  They are roughly based on a series of stories I used to tell my children – the ever-changing tales of Hanna Jo, the young space explorer who travels from world to world, solving problems and making friends.  My girls loved listening to them and would occasionally contribute to the plots’ directions.  Eventually we had to the idea of recording them, but by then a lot of the details had been forgotten.  So basically, the episodes have to be written from scratch, trying to incorporate the few details that we can remember while still being cohesive.

But in spite of the challenges, The Hanna Jo Stories are amongst the most rewarding stuff that I’ve done because my kids really like them, and listen to them on a regular basis.  It’s a fantastic feeling producing something that they can hep with, be part of, and enjoy consistently.

As time has gone on I’ve found my voice in the characters with more and more confidence.  I’m working on producing Episode Five right now, but for the moment, here is where it started:

The link and other material is also available on its own page – check the link in the menu at the top of the screen.