Max Headroom: Body Banks (Ep 3)

Max Headroom is a short-lived science fiction dystopian TV series that aired in America (on ABC) from 1987-1988. There were only 14 episodes (including one which was unaired). It featured Max Headroom, a supposedly computer-generated personality who was already familiar to television audiences through The Max Headroom Show (a youth-oriented talk / music video program).

In story, Max (Matt Frewer) is an A.I. originally created as a copy of celebrity investigative television journalist Edison Carter (also Matt Frewer), apparently with Carter’s personality but lacking his self-control. He also has the ability to come and go from TV screens any time he wishes, which makes him a powerful force in the show’s world, a near-future dystopia in which everything is shaped by corporations and networks chasing television ratings.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Schizoid Man [2.6]

The Enterprise responds to a distress call from the assistant to reclusive scientist Ira Graves, who is dying.  Graves is working on bridging the gap between man and machine, and secretly places his mind in Data’s body.  Continue reading Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Schizoid Man [2.6]