Quantum Leap – Good Night, Dear Heart [2.17]

Sam leaps into Melvin Spooner, a mortician who also acts as the coroner in a small town in Massachusetts, who is investigating the death of a young German woman named Hilla Doehner.  Her death is apparently a suicide, but Sam comes to believe its murder and that he is there to bring her killer to justice.

Written by Paul Brown. Directed by Christopher T. Welch.

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Quantum Leap – Genesis [1.1]

A scientist named Sam Beckett engages with his time travel experiment before its fully ready and ends up traveling into the lives of other people at different points throughout his own lifetime.  The first person he “becomes” is an air force captain named Tom Stratton in 1956.  With the help of his friend and contact, Al, who appears to him as a hologram that only he can see, Sam realizes that he cannot stop being Captain Stratton until he fixes something that went wrong, which in this case turns out to be successfully breaking a flight speed record and surviving, and preventing Stratton’s wife from being born prematurely and dying.  Sam then leaps into a struggling baseball player and prevents him and his team from finishing in last place.  Before he leaps, he is able to remember enough to speak to his father on the phone, who died over 20 years earlier.

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