Weekly Geeky Question #52: Christmas Television Specials

Here we are, on the last Weekly Geeky Question of 2018, and the last one for the foreseeable future. And for this final week, my friend Rod (who has been asking me geeky questions as blog prompts all year long), has gone Christmas-themed. And it actually comes in two parts this time. The first part is this:

What is my favorite Christmas television special?

A Charlie Brown Christmas.png

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Mystery Science Theatre 3000

There’s a Kickstarter campaign out there right now to bring back Mystery Science Theatre 3000.  As is usual for this sort of thing, there are a lot of fun rewards on offer for those who donate different amounts, ranging from T-shirts and posters to tickets to their LA premier to big stuff like being a writer for an episode or making an on-screen appearance.

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Tom Servo

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Of course, those sorts of major rewards are thousands of dollars, and well out of my reach.  Indeed, even the posters or T-shirts are out of my reach.  Things may change before the campaign is over, but for now I just can’t justify putting finance into such a thing.  After all, it’s just a show, it’s just a show…

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World’s Most Boring Radio Station – Even Better (slightly)

Because you can never tweak something enough, I made a slight adjustment to the editing of my “World’s Most Boring Radio Station” clip.  If you’ve already heard it, you probably won’t notice the difference (although I do) but if you haven’t, hopefully the enjoyment will be that much better.  Have a listen, if you like.

The Worst Radio Station in the World (I’m Gonna Use That in a Story Someday…#4)

There is a radio station in my hometown that my family and I enjoy listening to sometimes.  It’s got a positive ethos and avoids crude humor.  Unfortunately, I often find the DJ banter a bit boring to listen to, as if they don’t really know how to engage in interesting or humorous discussion without becoming rude or unpleasant.  It’s not the worst radio station in the world, not by a long shot.  But listening to it recently inspired me to think of the most boring radio spot I could come up with.  Continue reading The Worst Radio Station in the World (I’m Gonna Use That in a Story Someday…#4)

True Blues Tuesday – Chapter Seven

True Blues  For those who enjoyed Bo the Duck from Episode Six of the Hanna Jo Stories, here at long last is Chapter Seven of True Blues Retold, a retelling of the story in which Bo originated, and in which the boys fail to hear something that would have changed Bo’s life forever.

Hanna Jo and Bo the Duck, lost and without their memories

It’s exciting to be able to release the latest adventure of our young space explorer:  The Hanna Jo Stories, Episode Six.

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True Blues Tuesday – Chapter Six

True Blues
True Blues

Today on True Blues Tuesday, we have Chapter Six of True Blues Retold, in which Bo demands to hear something that nearly ruined Johnny’s life forever.

This episode features a brief clip from the original True Blues, including series co-creator Dwight, as well as our friend Trish, as the singers in the awesome bluesy-woozy disco-funk-jazz ensemble, Soul Booty! Continue reading True Blues Tuesday – Chapter Six