Doctor Who Timeline: Debuts & Departures Timeline

I found myself getting curious about the various ages of different actors and creators involved with Doctor Who over the years, and so today we have a little timeline that tells us throughout the years of when people were born, when they debuted on the show, and when they died (for those no longer living).

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Doctor Who / Star Wars Actor Connections

I’ve been on a thing lately of looking up where actors from Doctor Who have shown up in other science fiction franchises that I enjoy. This started out by noticing how often we’d see crossover appearances with shows like Blake’s 7 or The Avengers, but I’ve started looking further afield. Of course, if we’re looking for other popular franchises, than we can scarcely look further than Star Wars.

(Daily Doctor Who #222)

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Revolution of the Daleks–The Bad News

So the 2021 Doctor Who New Year’s special, written by head writer Chris Chibnall, has aired, and not surprisingly, it wasn’t perfect. But at the same time, it wasn’t terrible. There were goods and bads, so we’re going to have two posts about it…what I liked and what I didn’t like.

Bad news first.

(Daily Doctor Who #42)

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Doctor Who: Orphan 55

When the last season of Doctor Who ran (the first starring Jodie Whittaker, the first run by Chris Chibnall), one of the big talking points from some fans, according to one of the Facebook groups I’m in, is how they didn’t like how the show seemed to so strongly espousing a left-wing liberal social agenda.

Then the other big talking point on the same groups was how the franchise has long espoused something of a left-wing liberal social agenda.  Just see The Green Death, from all the way back in 1973, they’d say, with its strong anti-big business environmental message, for just one example.

Doctor Who Orphan 55 a

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