Quantum Leap – Moments to Live [4.19]

Sam leaps into Kyle Hart, a popular soap opera star. He is kidnapped by a deranged fan, Norma Jean, who wants to have a baby with him. When he is able to convince Norma Jean’s husband Hank to help him, Sam is able to escape Norma Jean and help make sure she gets help for disturbed behavior.

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Quantum Leap – Play Ball [4.2]

Sam leaps into Lester “Doc” Fuller, a minor league baseball player already well into his career. Al believes that Sam is there to help Doc get into the major leagues by impressing a scout at an important game, but this will mean betraying Chucky Myerwich, an angry young player that Sam has befriended. Over Al’s objections, Sam does what he can to help Chucky improve his future, both by letting him pitch the critical game and helping him restore his relationship with his father. Sam is ultimately able to help both Chucky and Doc to a better future by trusting his instincts.

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Quantum Leap – Heart of a Champion [3.20]

Sam leaps into Terry Sammis, a professional wrestler who is just starting out. He tag teams with his brother Ronny, who is fated to die of a heart attack during an upcoming title match. Normally consigned to “playing” bad guys for arranged matches, this title match represents an opportunity for Ronny to honor a promise made to his dead brother, who was also a wrestler. Because of how personally important it is, Sam has a difficult time convincing Ronny not to wrestle. In the end, Sam takes on the opponent by himself, refusing to “tag out” with his brother, and is eventually able to win against a far stronger and more experienced opponent. Thanks to his victory he is able to convince his brother to get checked out with a doctor, ultimately saving his life.

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Quantum Leap – Southern Comforts [3.16]

Sam leaps into the owner of a brothel in New Orleans, Gilbert Labonte, in 1961. He learns that one of his girls, Gina, is pregnant and has run away from her abusive husband. Finding that he is powerless to do anything about the situation legally, Sam is eventually able to manufacture false but compromising evidence against the husband in order to drive him away from Gina. At the same time, Gina learns to stand up for herself.

Written by Tommy Thompson. Directed by Chris Ruppenthal

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Quantum Leap – Future Boy [3.13]

Sam leaps into Kenny Sharp, an actor in the 1950’s who works on a popular children’s science fiction series as Future Boy, sidekick to Captain Galaxy, as portrayed by veteran actor Moe Stein. Moe’s mental competence is under doubt, and Sam must prevent him from dying in an accident that occurs when Moe runs away from a competency hearing. In trying to help him, Sam learns that Moe believes he has built a working time machine in his basement, using a theory similar to Sam’s own. When the time machine fails to work, Moe breaks down about the past mistakes he was hoping to rectify. This softens the heart of his estranged daughter, and the two reconcile, allowing Moe to grow old with his family rather than in an institution.

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Quantum Leap – Leap of Faith [3.3]

Sam leaps into Father Frank Pistano, who serves alongside the older Father John McRoberts, who is distressed at the recent death of an alter boy. “Father Mac” knows that the murderer is a hoodlum called Tony Pronti, who killed the boy because he was a witness to a crime, and is now after Father Mac for the same reason. Sam must work to keep Father Mac alive, and also to prevent him from destroying his own life when Sam discovers that Mac is destined to kill Tony.

Teleplay by Tommy Thompson. Story by Nick Harding and Karen Hall & Tommy Thompson . Directed by James Whitmore jr.

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Quantum Leap – Leaping in Without a Net [2.19]

Sam leaps into Victor Panzini, the son in a circus trapeze act.  Victor’s sister Eva is determined to do a dangerous stunt that her mother died attempting, a year earlier.  Sam has to make sure that it he, and not Victor’s father Lazlo, who is there to catch Eva, or she will be killed as well.  The only problem is that Sam has no experience on a trapeze and is terrified of heights.

Written by Tommy Thompson. Directed by Christopher T. Welch

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