Box-Office Blockbuster Tourney – Round Final!

So as explained before, we are now concluding a seeded tournament-style elimination game amongst each of the US domestic box office champion movies from the last 32 years.  Seeding was done via Rotten Tomatoes scores, with ties broken with Metacritic scores.  Three of our six judges have voted on each match-up of two films, with the winner advancing to the next round and the loser skulking off into obscurity, until we have arrived at today, where we will pick our overall Champion!


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Box Office Blockbuster Tourney: Introduction

Movies, being the big business that they are, are often all about the money.  If you follow the movie news, you hear all the time about which movie won the weekend box office, or which big budget bonanza earned enough to score a sequel, or how fast Captain Marvel made more than The Dark Knight.

So I decided to take the biggest money making movies…and pit them against each other in a tournament to the death!

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