Quantum Leap – Star-Crossed [1.2]

Sam leaps into Dr. Gerald Bryant, an English professor who is having an affair with one of his students.  He has to prevent the two from ruining their lives by getting married to each other, but he’s reluctant to do when he learns that his former fiancee, Donna, is attending the same college.  It is 12 years before she met him, from her perspective, but Sam knows they will eventually fall in love but that she will leave him at the alter on their wedding day.  Sam works to ensure that Donna reconciles with her estranged father in order to help her find the healing that will allow her to follow through on their wedding, but knows that there is no guarantee that history will actually play out that way. 

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Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Outrageous Okona [2.4]

The Enterprise picks up the rogue-ish and attractive Captain Okona, whose ship is need of repairs.  Things get complicated when two vessels from neighbouring planets demand the Enterprise turn Okona over to them for various crimes. Continue reading Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Outrageous Okona [2.4]