Ray Sting Character Profile

I’m doing an online course about storytelling, and one of the assignments that I was asked to do was to create a character profile for an original character, and to then create some sort of online life for him (like a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or whatever).  Since I was allowed to use characters that I’ve already created, I chose to go with Ray Sting, the protagonist of Stingray.  Continue reading Ray Sting Character Profile

Getting Some Content Up There…

I’ve slowly been figuring out how all this works, and I’ve started to get some of my older projects onto the site.  You can follow the menu structure at the top of the page to find The Adventures of Captain Strong – Scourge of the High Seas.  This is without a doubt my longest project – up to 45 episodes, so far, of audio adventure.  I’ve just gotten going but hopefully I’ll get the whole series up there pretty soon.

Also, I’m loading up my first film project onto the site:  Stingray.  That’s a 16 minute long film I made in 2007 about what happens when a young man is forced to become a superhero because he lost a bad bet in a poker game.

Just follow the menu structure at the top of the page to find the embeds of these projects, and expect more soon.