Weekly Geeky Question #49: Disappointing Story Payoffs

Well, it’s Weekly Geeky Question time, and we’re up to Week #49–with the end of 2018 approaching more rapidly than any of us are prepared to deal with.   My Friend Rod is back with another question, and this time it’s about one of my favorite things, which is story structure.  What Rod wants to know is,,,

What are some of the most disappointing story payoff’s that I have ever seen?


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Space Battleship Yamato is a popular Japanese franchise that has had as about a complex history / continuity as one could imagine.  First an animated TV series, followed by an animated TV movie which killed off just about the entire cast, followed by a remake of that movie in animated series form minus the killing off of everyone, followed by various other TV movies, TV series, theatrically released re-edits of episodes, a live action science fiction spectacular which adapted the original series and included elements of the second one, and now a new animated series (which again retells the original story).   All that is not to mention the English-language dub / re-edit of the series which played in America when I was a kid under the name Star Blazers. Continue reading Yamato!