Doctor Who / Star Wars Actor Connections

I’ve been on a thing lately of looking up where actors from Doctor Who have shown up in other science fiction franchises that I enjoy. This started out by noticing how often we’d see crossover appearances with shows like Blake’s 7 or The Avengers, but I’ve started looking further afield. Of course, if we’re looking for other popular franchises, than we can scarcely look further than Star Wars.

(Daily Doctor Who #222)

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Doctor Who: Invaders from Mars [Big Finish]

Invaders from Mars was the first of a new “season” of Big Finish audio adventures featuring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor and India Fisher as his companion Charley, produced back in the early days of the company (2002).  It features guest appearances by Simon Pegg (famous for lots of things, including being Scotty in the recent Star Trek movies, and the Editor in the 9th Doctor story The Long Game) and Jessica Stevenson (aka Jessica Hynes, who played Joan Redfern in the 10th Doctor stories Human Nature and The Family of Blood).  It was also written and directed by Mart Gatiss, who is well known for writing a bunch of modern Doctor Who episodes, as well as co-creating Sherlock.

Invaders from Mars

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Star Trek Beyond [Take My House and Make it Fly]

When I saw Star Trek Into Darkness a few years ago, I came away feeling that it was an enjoyable and entertaining adventure that was good fun to watch.  I haven’t seen it since, so I can neither confirm nor deny my initial impression, but if the internet (and my friend Rod) are to be believed, I was actually wrong.  Was I?  I don’t know.  I’d have to watch it again.

In the meantime, Star Trek Beyond is now out, directed by Justin Lin and co-written by co-star Simon Pegg.  If similar voices on the internet argue that it’s a bad movie because it feels like an episode of a TV show and because Chris Pine rides a motorcycle.

Star Trek Beyond

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Ice Age: Collision Course [sigh]

Man, the continuity of the Ice Age films don’t make any sense. I mean, the latest film, Collision Course, opens with a scene that seems to imply that Scrat, the funny little sabre-toothed squirrel that is always chasing that indomitable acorn, accidentally set the whole solar system into place, gave the earth its moon, and even ignited the sun!! Are you trying to tell me that the previous four Ice Age movies took place on an earth that was orbiting a dead sun? Come on, that makes no sense…


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Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (and a look back at the franchise as a whole)

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Banner I will get to my thoughts on the new film Mission Impossible Rogue Nation in just a moment, but first, a bit of context…

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(A lot of nerdtalk about) Star Trek Into Darkness – with spoilers

Man, what an entertaining movie.  Not perfect, of course, but what is?  I had a rollicking good time watching Star Trek Into Darkness, even though the movie has a healthy dose of Continue reading (A lot of nerdtalk about) Star Trek Into Darkness – with spoilers