After – a simple short film exercise

A few weeks ago, I made this short film with the media school that I lead.  It was a pretty good process.  I wrote and directed the piece, and produced it with the help of 4 experienced staff and 8 students.  Each of us on staff took on a different category of responsibility (directing, camera, lights, sound, & production design) and worked with 1 or 2 students to put the movie together.  It’s short, it’s simple, but I think it came together well and communicates fairly successfully.  Continue reading After – a simple short film exercise

My Mise en Scène is Tingling

I don’t really know what to say about this project.  It was conceived of and written in 2009 in Kyrgyzstan, but not produced until 2012 in Indonesia.  It’s full of a number of obscure scriptwriting and film references that most people wouldn’t get, but I think that’s okay.  And it’s loosely…very loosely…based on a real conversation. Continue reading My Mise en Scène is Tingling

Confusion is Like Mustard

Well well well, here we go with this project.  This was filmed and edited back in 1998 when I was working late one night with my good friend Dwight (co-author of True Blues) and we decided to just go for it.  The quality is pretty shocking because of course it was done in glorious Hi-8, and because I’m still trying to figure out how to best digitally convert  my VHS tapes in the best way. Continue reading Confusion is Like Mustard

Scout’s Honour – crazier than ever

And so recently the media school I teach on finished another version of Scout’s Honour – a simple script I wrote years ago that has been filmed in increasingly outlandish ways.  This version goes as far as I could with both plot and character while adding a healthy dose of slapstick spectacle.  It’s the first version I’ve done that has made me want to revisit these characters again someday.  Enjoy it below Continue reading Scout’s Honour – crazier than ever

“Malaria” – Like nothing I’ve seen

I saw this one someone else’s blog recently – I’m sorry I can’t remember who.  But Malaria, by Edson Oda, is a short film that truly does tell it’s story in a way that I’ve never seen before.  As someone interested in both film and comics, it was fascinating to see the way this piece blend the two forms.  Ultimately, it is a movie (it takes the rate at which you experience the story out of your control, which I think would be a defining quality of a comic), but it employs graphic novel elements in a unique and fun way.  Continue reading “Malaria” – Like nothing I’ve seen

My Children

My Children is the name of a new short video that my daughters and I came up with together, while sitting in a playground.  Having seen their dad do a number of movies and also been involved in ourHanna Jo Stories, they are getting interested in the whole storytelling process.  That, combined with a love for jumping on their father and abusing him has led to this little project.  It’s on the newly renamed “Personal” page, as well as right here!