Doctor Who: Comic Books Adaptations, Dark Eyes, War Doctor, Robophobia–a Big Finish sampler

In the wake of the whole COVID-19 pandemic, Big Finish–most famous for their original. licensed Doctor Who audios–began to release a variety of projects for free on a weekly basis.  Some of these are “proper” Doctor Who adventures, some are licensed from other sources, and others are completely original.  I, of course, have been taking advantage of these.  This time around we’re looking at some portions (generally, the first episode) of straight-up adventures of the Doctor himself.

Doctor Who - Comic Strip Adaptations - The Star Beast

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Doctor Who: Colditz [Big Finish]

So, Colditz is apparently a board game.  Or rather, it’s called Escape from Colditz, and was based on the actual prison camp at Colditz Castle.  The name is mentioned in this, the last of my Big Finish Doctor Who audios from my discounted subscription, with the assumption that the audience will have heard of it.  Unfortunately, just like the R-101 or Pieter Stubbe, the historical reference was lost on me.Doctor Who Colditz - Big Finish Continue reading Doctor Who: Colditz [Big Finish]

Doctor Who: Dust Breeding [Big Finish]

20111025173942b022_dust_big_cover_mediumDust Breeding continues the trends of these Big Finish audio dramas of taking real world historical events and re-imagining them with science-fictiony rationales and backstories.  For example, back in Storm Warning, we had the crash of the R101, and in Loups-Garoux there was the trial of Pieter Stubbe.  This time around, we have the painting of the Scream by Edvard Munch.  The work of art proves to be the result of a primal, celestial scream let out throughout time and space by an ancient weapon with the unimaginative name of “The Warp Core” that was created to deal with horrible biological monstrosities called the Krill who the newly re-disfigured Master (who is still really into the whole anagram thing – “Mr. Seta”) is resurrecting in order to both waken and weaken the semi-dormant Warp Core in order to use its power seize control of the Universe! Continue reading Doctor Who: Dust Breeding [Big Finish]

Doctor Who: The Sirens of Time [Big Finish]

Following my enjoyable experience with the 50th anniversary Doctor Who audio adventure, The Light at the End, and my simultaneous discovery that the older Big Finish audios are on sale for only $3.00 each (for a digital download) or $32.00 for a “season” of 12, I have decided to sample a few more.  I started with their first one, The Sirens of Time, which was released all the way back in 1999.  This is of course during the long “dark period” of Doctor Who’s 50 year history, when the show was not on the air, well before we knew anything about Russell T. Davies or Christopher Eccleston.  Continue reading Doctor Who: The Sirens of Time [Big Finish]

Doctor Who: The Light at the End

The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who just around the corner and Big Finish, a company that have been producing original Doctor Who audio dramas for years, has celebrated by releasing their “50th Anniversary” story a  month early, on October 23.  I saw an add, I believed the hype, I spent a bit of money I recently received from my mother, and I bought the digital download (received,  I kid you not, because it wasn’t my birthday). Continue reading Doctor Who: The Light at the End