Ocean’s 8: The Ocean Saga–Episode IV

Supposedly I’m into movies and supposedly I’m able to keep my geek emphasis on life and pop culture in check.  That’s how I like to present myself, anyway.  But recent evidence seems to be confronting those assumptions.  I watch Ant-Man and the Wasp and I find I have a breezy 800+ words flowing from my fingertips, but a similarly-timed viewing of Ocean’s 8 only invites comparisons to the Star Wars saga.  What’s up with that?

Ocean's 8.png

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Minions – Some quick comments

So…Minions was showing at the drive in this week.  And we just had school holidays with the kids, and though we did some fun things, we never got out to the movies.  And Tuesday night is cheap night at the drive-in, where you only pay $20 per car, rather than buying individual tickets.  And my kids wanted to see Minions.

So…all that to say, I went and saw Minions a few days ago.  And uh, well…I kind of feel like I took one for the team.

I mean, it wasn’t a terrible experience or anything.  And I like those little Minions as much as the next guy.  Cause, you know, they’re yellow, and they talk funny.  And they bump into things.  Continue reading Minions – Some quick comments

Incredibly Loud & Extremely Close

For someone who supposedly loves movies, I must be incredibly out of it, because I’d never really even heard of this movie – Incredibly Loud & Extremely Close, even though it was nominated for Best Picture a couple of years ago. We got it quite randomly from the weekly section of the video store (alongside Olympus Has Fallen – which could hardly be more different).

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