At Long Last, the Legion (Legion of Super-Heroes–Millennium)

After six years of being largely off of their publishing slate, DC Comics announced a new Legion o Super-Heroes series in June 2019, to be written by former Marvel superstar Brian Michael Bendis. Legion fans immediately split into three broad groups–those who loved Bendis and were excited about the news, those who hated Bendis and were frustrated by the news, and those who may or may not have loved or hated Bendis, but loved the Legion and were willing to put up with just about anything to get them in print again.

I came closest to the third group.

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In Defense of Matter-Eater Lad

Comic books fans will soon be treated to the return of the Legion of Super-Heroes, for good or for ill, and in the lead up to this there has been various pieces of preliminary artwork by Ryan Sook being released to the public.  This has included a new and redesigned Matter-Eater Lad.


Matter-Eater Lad!


Or…as he was known in the 1960’s…

Legion of Super-Heroes Matter-Eater Lad 6

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