Things that make you go “Wha–!?!?!??!??!!!?” – From Noon Til Three

This is another example of a film that I have not seen for a long time but which has stuck with me ever since I did just for its oddness.  I’m not doing any research for this post – everything I write here comes just from my memory.

To be clear, I have never even seen the entirety of From Noon Til Three – but I think I have seen the second half a couple of times on TV.  My purpose in writing this is not to try to convince you that you should see this movie, nor is it to convince you to stay away.  It’s just to tell you about the film, and then you can decide if it’s something you ever want to seek out and watch.  But the responsibility for that choice is entirely your own. Continue reading Things that make you go “Wha–!?!?!??!??!!!?” – From Noon Til Three