Movies on a Plane: More Global Destruction Than You Can Shake a Mutant At

Recently I’ve made another trip overseas, which means more movies on a plane!  Although it was not an especially long trip, and a lot of it took place overnight, so I only got two movies in this time.

(Incidentally, even though this is a blog post about movies, it’s not part of my 47 Movie Blogs series, as I chose the topic myself, rather than having it chosen for me).

Long-term readers will know that my usual philosophy when choosing what to enjoy on intercontinental travel is to find films that make me curious but are not too demanding.  In other words, films I kind of want to see but that I’m not all that hopeful about and therefore am glad to see for free.

To this end, I’m waiting for the day that GI Joe: Retaliation turns up, but failing that I was happy to tune into a recent superhero film that I’d missed in the theatres…

XMen Apocalypse Continue reading Movies on a Plane: More Global Destruction Than You Can Shake a Mutant At

White House Down (vs. Olympus Has Fallen)

Well, the other day, I finally had the chance to watch White House Down.  You remember, that was the absurd, over-the-top action film that my wife was in the midst of viewing on the plane when the flight ended.  When we tried to rent the movie later, we found that it wasn’t out yet, and so decided to get Olympus Has Fallen instead.  This turned out to be my new benchmark film for bad movies, and commenting it was what indirectly led me to watching Sharknado a few weeks ago.

But now I’ve seen White House Down.  And the big question was…could it possibly be worse than Olympus Has Fallen?  Continue reading White House Down (vs. Olympus Has Fallen)