Quantum Leap – Camikazi Kid [1.7]

Sam becomes Cam Wilson, an awkward teenager whose sister Cheryl is about to marry the attractive but abusive Bob Thompson.  Sam must figure out how to help his sister see the truth about her fiancé.  In the end, he gets Bob to blow his cool by winning his car in a street race, using modern means to boost his own speed.  When Bob blows his cool, Cheryl dumps him and pursues her calling in the Peace Corp.  Sam meanwhile, helps Cam begin a romance with his friend Jill.

Written by Paul Brown. Directed by Alan J. Levi.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Manhunt [2.19]

The Enterprise transports delegates to an important conference, including Lwaxana Troi.  Unfortunately, Ambassador Troi is undergoing a Betazed “menopause” that greatly increases her sex drive, making her determined to find a new mate.  She pursues Picard, who retreats by hiding on the holodeck in a Dixon Hill program. Continue reading Star Trek: The Next Generation – Manhunt [2.19]