Fifty Years: Fifty Movies – part five

In one days, I will turn fifty.  Or maybe you could say, I will achieve fifty years old, finishing my 50th year.  To celebrate (at least, on this blog), we’re taking a look back and picking a film from each year of my life that I think is notable. My birthday is June 7, so each film came out in the year that began on that date, according to Wikipedia.

Knives Out b


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Knives Out (Spoiler-Lite)

I went into Knives Out with a lot of suspicion, entirely because of the director.  Rian Johnson has done two movies that I’ve seen before, both of which impressed me a lot with their emotional and visual qualities, but which disappointed me greatly because of their lack of story cohesion:  Star Wars Episode VIII:  The Last Jedi, and LooperSo there I was, watching his most recent effort, Knives Out, a whodunnit style murder mystery, where story cohesion is really the name of the game.

Knives Out b

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Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Let me just start this post off by saying that I don’t think Star Wars:  The Last Jedi is a  good movie.  I got over a 1000 words into writing this and I realized I hadn’t yet gotten to the reasons why I think so, so I decided I shouldn’t bury the lead so badly and instead should communicate right off the bat where I stand, before going into all the analysis of the movie’s strengths and weaknesses.

This analysis, by the way, is going to be jam-packed full of Spoilers.

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