Quantum Leap – The Curse of Ptah-Hotep [4.20]

Sam leaps into archeologist Dr. Dale Conway on a dig in Egypt which uncovers the lost tomb of Ptah-Hotep. Mysterious deaths begin to occur, leading to speculation that there is a murderer amongst their party, or that the Ptah-Hotep’s legendary curse is striking down those who would disturb his rest. Sam is excited by the find and so determined to not be put off by either threat. In the end, the deaths turn out to be accidental…unless they were caused by the curse? One of Sam’s colleagues becomes a would-be murderer but is apparently killed by a living mummy instead!

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Quantum Leap – Moments to Live [4.19]

Sam leaps into Kyle Hart, a popular soap opera star. He is kidnapped by a deranged fan, Norma Jean, who wants to have a baby with him. When he is able to convince Norma Jean’s husband Hank to help him, Sam is able to escape Norma Jean and help make sure she gets help for disturbed behavior.

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Quantum Leap – It’s a Wonderful Leap [4.18]

Sam leaps into Max Freeman, a cabbie in New York City struggling to earn enough money to get his own taxi medallion–essentially the right to go into business for himself. His quest is both helped and hindered by the presence of Angela, an exuberant woman who claims to be an actual angel. Sam wonders if she might be sincere in her claims, while Al imagines she’s mentally unstable.

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Quantum Leap – Roberto! [4.17]

Sam leaps into Roberto Gutierrez, a local daytime TV talk show host whose program thrives on sensationalism and conflict. He ends up investigating suspicious activity at a local chemical plant, alongside fellow reporter Jani Eisenberg. Sam must prove that the plant is doing something illegal, and prevent Jani from dying along the way.

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Quantum Leap – Ghost Ship [4.16]

Sam leaps into Ed Brackett, a young co-pilot of charter plane flying to Bermuda with a passenger suffering from acute appendicitis. When the plane suffers massive instrument failure due to issues related to the Bermuda Triangle, Sam must convinced the more experienced pilot to fly onward, a goal complicated by the pilot’s PTSD from a prior disaster in the area.

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Quantum Leap – A Song for the Soul [4.15]

Sam leaps into Cherea, a black teenager who has dreams of forming a female singing group with her friends Lynelle and Paula. The relationship between Lynelle and her conservative and protective preacher of a father is very tense, and is destined to fall apart as Lynelle continues to pursue singing. In particular, Lynelle is sought after by the immoral club owner and music promoter, Bobby Lee. Sam must find a way to help Lynelle and her father reconcile before it is too late

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Quantum Leap – The Last Gunfighter [4.14]

Sam leaps into Tyler Means, an 82 year old former gunfighter who gets by through tales of his famous exploits, especially the story of a notable gunfight. However, he is suddenly confronted by Pat Knight, a man from Tyler’s past, who claims to be the real gunfighting skill behind Tyler’s legend, and is out for revenge for the way that Tyler has dishonored him through his stories. Sam finds himself having to face a real gunfighter in a genuine shoot-out on a dusty Western street.

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Quantum Leap – Temptation Eyes [4.13]

Sam leaps into Dylan Powell, an aging television reporter who has gained notoriety for receiving anonymous tips regarding the activities of serial killer in San Francisco in 1985. Sam meets Tamlyn Matsuda, an apparent psychic who is assisting the police with their investigation, but who is fated to be the murderer’s next victim. Tamlyn’s unusual abilities are real, and soon she can see Sam for who he really is and even seems to be able to detect the presence of Al. Sam and Tamlyn fall in love and begin a relationship. On the day of Tamlyn’s predicted death approaches, Sam discovers that the killer is his own cameraman, Ross Tyler. Sam saves Tamlyn and defeats Ross (who takes his own life). Sam says a tender goodbye to Tamlyn as he leaps away.

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Quantum Leap – Running for Honor [4.12]

Sam leaps into Tommy York, a naval student who is a popular athlete on the track field, in the 1960’s. Sam must prevent the death of Tommy’s former roommate, Phillip Ashcroft, who was expelled for being gay. Phillip was apparently murdered by bigoted students at their academy, but Sam eventually realizes that Phillip really committed suicide in order to frame his school tormentors. Sam prevents Phillip’s death and helps him find a way forward, while also exposing the bullies who have been causing his problems. There are significant questions throughout the story as to whether or not Tommy York himself is gay, but this is left unknown.

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Top 60 Favorite Fictional A.I.’s – Part Two [48-37]

Continuing here our rundown of my 60 Favorite Fictional Artificial Intelligences.

This means things like robots, holograms, sentient computers, and so on from movies, TV shows, comics or books.

You can have a look here for Part One, which includes some of the rationale for this list, as well as some of the explanations and qualifications.

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