White House Down (vs. Olympus Has Fallen)

Well, the other day, I finally had the chance to watch White House Down.  You remember, that was the absurd, over-the-top action film that my wife was in the midst of viewing on the plane when the flight ended.  When we tried to rent the movie later, we found that it wasn’t out yet, and so decided to get Olympus Has Fallen instead.  This turned out to be my new benchmark film for bad movies, and commenting it was what indirectly led me to watching Sharknado a few weeks ago.

But now I’ve seen White House Down.  And the big question was…could it possibly be worse than Olympus Has Fallen?  Continue reading White House Down (vs. Olympus Has Fallen)

Olympus Has Fallen (My Brain Hurts!)

Everyone once in a while, you need to see a really stupid movie.

Well, maybe not, actually. It’s just that, if you’re going to give them a go, every once in a while you will see a really stupid movie. Sometimes you just can’t tell in advance.

But other times you can. I was pretty sure Olympus Has Fallen was going to be pretty stupid. And gruesome (based on its rating). I was right. But still, I watched it anyway. I can only blame myself.

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