Doctor Who: The Harvest [Big Finish]

The Harvest is the first Big Finish Doctor Who featuring the Seventh Doctor that I’ve had for a while (it’s release #58 in the Monthly Range, and the last Seventh Doctor was #49). It’s written by Dan Abnett (also a comic writer I’m well familiar with for his work on the Legion of Super-Heroes), and was released in June 2004. In addition to Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor and Sophie Aldred as Ace, it also introduced Philip Oliver as new companion “Hex” (aka Thomas Hector Schofield).

Spoilers (for real)

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Doctor Who: Forty-Five–The Word Lord [A Big Finish sampler]

In the wake of the whole COVID-19 pandemic, Big Finish–most famous for their original licensed Doctor Who audios–began to release a variety of projects for free on a weekly basis.  Some of these are “proper” Doctor Who adventures, some are licensed from other sources, and others are completely original.  I have been taking advantage of these, as I’ve written about here and elsewhere. This time around we’re looking at a one-part story that was part of a collection of similarly-lengthed tales, called Forty-Five.

(Daily Doctor Who #111)

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