12 Times Doctor Who has Reinvented Itself

Very soon, on October 7 2018, Doctor Who will make its way back to our TV screens for the 11th season of the modern TV series.  And when it does, it will in many ways be a whole new program, compared to what we saw last:  a new Doctor (with a new gender), new companions, new showrunner.  Probably a new version of the theme song and a new opening title sequence, a new TARDIS set and a new sonic screwdriver. And certainly a new story direction, with plot-lines like redeeming the Master or identifying the Hybrid a thing of the past.

Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker 1

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Doctor Who – 50 Timey Wimey Years

A while ago I wrote up a list of 50 things I’d like to see during Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary – a few have come to pass while most have not (but the year isn’t over yet).  But for today, the actual 50th anniversary, I’m going to quickly ponder on 50 things – episodes, moments, characters, concepts – that I love about the show.  (Actually, I think the phrase “timey-wimey” is overused and silly, but there you go, I went there.)

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