2021 – Things I Enjoyed (to some degree)

Yesterday I listed a bunch of things about 2022 that I’m looking forward to–“shallow” things if you will, such as movies and TV shows.

Not wanting 2021 to feel left out, now we’ll also list similarly shallow things that the year gave us that I watched and mostly enjoyed. Twenty-one things specifically, in a rough countdown style…

There may be a few spoilers here if there are things you haven’t seen yet.

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2022 – Things to Look Forward To

Happy New Year!

Life is about faith, hope, love, and all the things that spring from that, like relationships and purpose and peace and joy. However, my blog tends to be more about things that I just think are fun or quirky or interesting. So with that in mind here are some things I’m looking forward to, especially movies & TV shows and the like, in 2022…

And just to be clever like that, here are twenty-two things that we are anticipating seeing in 2022, ranked roughly in ascending order of my interest.

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