Hocking Hills State Park (Old Man’s Cave & Bone)

I travel a fair bit, which I don’t normally write about that much, but I thought I’d give a quick shout-out to Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio. My wife and I were driving from Chicago to New York, visiting friends along the way. I wasn’t seeing anyone in Ohio and was looking for a place to stay. Looking up attractions in Ohio, I came across the Hocking Hills, which has a number of things to see that are well worth it if you have the chance.

After we had made the choice, I found out that I have actually “encountered” one of these attractions before, in a manner of speaking. It was in a comic book, of all places.

One of my favorite non-superhero comics (there are a few that I have enjoyed) is Bone. Continue reading Hocking Hills State Park (Old Man’s Cave & Bone)