Quantum Leap – Dreams [2.8]

Sam leaps into police detective Jack Stone just as he is discovering the dead body of a murdered woman. However, from that moment Sam experiences flashbacks to traumatic events from Stone’s own childhood. He visits a psychiatrist connected to the case in order to pursue his investigation, but also for advice regarding the confusion he is experiencing. The psychiatrist is the actual murderer, though, and Sam is almost killed in the process of working with him to unpack Stone’s memories–but he is able to save himself in the end.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Imaginary Friend [5.22]

A powerful disembodied alien comes on board the Enterprise and takes the form of the imaginary friend of young Clara Sutter, the child of a single engineering officer.  “Isabella” is at first curious, but then becomes a more malevolent presence on board the ship.  Continue reading Star Trek: The Next Generation – Imaginary Friend [5.22]