Doctor Who: Omega [Big Finish]

Omega was the 47th entry in Big Finish’s “Main Range” or “Monthly Range” of Doctor Who audios (released back in 2003), and was the start of a run of four stories which starred the four Doctors that Big Finish had access to at the time, and were each named after one of the franchise’s major villains: Omega, Davros, Master and (original to audio) Zagreus. This time around Peter Davison stars as the Fifth Doctor, traveling without a companion, and Ian Collier co-stars as Omega, reprising the role that he played on TV over twenty years earlier in Arc of Infinity.

(Daily Doctor Who #269)

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Doctor Who: Blood on Santa’s Claw–a Big Finish sampler

In the wake of the whole COVID-19 pandemic, Big Finish–most famous for their original licensed Doctor Who audios–began to release a variety of projects for free on a weekly basis.  Some of these are “proper” Doctor Who adventures, some are licensed from other sources, and others are completely original.  I have been taking advantage of these, as I’ve written about here and elsewhere. This time around we’re looking at the first episode of a collection of single-episode Sixth Doctor Christmas-related stories.

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