Stuff I’ve Read, Watched, Done – April 26, 2022

Wow, it’s only been a week and a day since my last catch-all post like this. What’s impressive about this is that on that occasion I wrote about watching the first season of Infinity Train with my daughters. Now, just a little bit later, we have already finished watching the rest of the series–seasons two, three and four.

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The Lego Movie

OK, we’re writing this rapidly, but the quick thing to say is that The Lego Movie is surprisingly good and funny.  I went into it with really no expectations at all and found myself happy and in a good mood the whole way through. Continue reading The Lego Movie

Olympus Has Fallen (My Brain Hurts!)

Everyone once in a while, you need to see a really stupid movie.

Well, maybe not, actually. It’s just that, if you’re going to give them a go, every once in a while you will see a really stupid movie. Sometimes you just can’t tell in advance.

But other times you can. I was pretty sure Olympus Has Fallen was going to be pretty stupid. And gruesome (based on its rating). I was right. But still, I watched it anyway. I can only blame myself.

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Now You See Me

You know from very early on that Now You See Me is going to be kind of a stupid film.  It does it’s best to distract you from this with glitzy effects and dizzying (literally, at times) camera movements, as it tries to slickly tell the story of four street magicians who begin to make a name for themselves by using their skills with illusion to commit Robin Hood-style robberies and make a statement about the economic injustices in the world, while at the same time achieving a self-motivated ulterior motive.  The magic shows are impressive and dazzling, the robberies brilliant though unlikely, and the film style all spit and polish over substance or character development.  It’s sort of like a strange combination of the Ocean’s Eleven series with Step Up Revolution. Continue reading Now You See Me