Being Moved by the Greatest Story You Could Tell

The other evening I watched a story.

I enjoy stories, I like examining them, pulling them apart, being led around on a fun narrative journey. Sometimes they engage my intellect, sometimes they grab my imagination, sometimes they stir up my emotions.

The other night, the story I watched moved me in my feelings in a way I haven’t often experienced. It was the story I already know pretty well, that I’ve seen or read many times, visualized by many different artists. It was the story of the Gospel. The story of God’s love relationship with his creation. The story of Jesus. The story of me. Continue reading Being Moved by the Greatest Story You Could Tell

Don’t (Just) Do What You Love

Chase your dreams.  Pursue your passion.  Get off your chair, out of your rut, out of your comfort zone and start doing something that will really make you happy.  Move beyond your limited, routine existence, and be extraordinary.  Not just a little happy, but really happy.

This is the message I’d been seeing all over the place a while ago – commercials on TV, filmmaking teaching videos on Vimeo, and more, I’m sure.  Images of people dancing, playing basketball, and playing the drums in the middle of a field are all telling me to do what I love!

A worthy message, for sure.  It’s just a matter of figuring out what I love.  Continue reading Don’t (Just) Do What You Love