Quantum Leap – Unchained [4.10]

Sam leaps into a prisoner on a chain gang, Chance Clarence Cole, who attempts to escape while handcuffed to fellow prisoner Jaspar Boone. To save Jaspar’s life, Sam allows them to be recaptured, but finds that they are both victims of horrible abuse by the prison guards and warden. When Sam and Jaspar realize that one of the guards is actually responsible for the crimes that Jaspar is jailed for (and willing to kill to keep the secret) they have to escape once more.

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Quantum Leap – A Little Miracle [3.10]

Sam leaps into Reginald Pearson, a valet for the wealthy and cold-hearted Michael Blake, whose new building development is going to toss a Salvation Army mission and the people it helps out onto the streets. Sam decides the way to help Blake to change is to take inspiration from A Christmas Carol and to help him reconnect with the past and to see the implications of the present. When that doesn’t work, he and Al resort to more drastic measures. Taking advantage of a fluke that allows Blake to see Al, they make him believe he is being visited by the Ghost of Christmas Future to bring home to Blake where his current path is taking him, which leads to Blake becoming a changed man.

Teleplay by Sandy Fries and Robert Wolterstorff. Story by Sandy Fries. Directed by Michael Watkins

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