Favorite Fictional Heroes Countdown–Part 3 (#80-71)

After a dying-computer related delay, we return to my countdown of favorite fictional heroes.  Hmm, that makes me want to make a list of my favorite fictional dying computers.  Hmm…HAL 9000, K-2SO, Data, the first Terminator…

Star Trek TOS 1

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Weekly Geeky Question #33: Modern Superhero Epic Movie History

Every week in 2018, the plan is that my friend Rod is going to ask me some geeky question that will answer in a post. This week is Week #33, and this week’s question is again about comic books and superheroes:

How did we get to the modern superhero movie?


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49th Year Bucket List

So, point of clarification:  I’m 48 years old currently, having just celebrated my birthday yesterday.  I’m not 49, but that this year is actually my 49th year of living.  When I celebrate my 49th birthday, that means I’m completing my 49th year, not starting it.

And I know, it’s not really a “bucket list” if the deadline isn’t the end of your life…when you “kick the bucket”.  Indeed, maybe it’d be better to call this a “49th Year To-Do List”.  But that’s catchy sounding, don’t you think?

So this is a list of things I’m hoping to have achieved by the time that me being able to say “I’m 48 years old” is cold and buried in the ground.  What do I want to have achieved / completed / accomplished by then?  That’s what we’re looking at here. Continue reading 49th Year Bucket List

Spider-Man: Homecoming

It’s been a couple of months since Spider-Man: Homecoming came out, but it hit the screens when I was in a period of basically never getting anything up on this blog.  Fortunately, it also came out while I was in Asia and had access to relatively cinema tickets, so I was able to freely go with my two younger daughters (the oldest, and their mother, were back in Australia).  Good times!

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47 Movie Blogs #38 – Seven of Film’s Worst Fathers

I’ve long had brewing a post about the best and worst dads of not just movies, but TV and comics as well.  Today, thanks to the instructions I’ve received, we’re talking about just the bad ones, and of course only the ones from movies. Continue reading 47 Movie Blogs #38 – Seven of Film’s Worst Fathers

47 Movie Blogs #26 – Long-Running Film Series that are Worth Watching

It’s harder to define a film series than it used to be.  Is Lord of the Rings three films long or six?  What’s the longest running Spider-Man series – five movies, or three?  Is the X-Men one big series, or three or four different ones? Continue reading 47 Movie Blogs #26 – Long-Running Film Series that are Worth Watching

Captain America: Civil War (or really, “Marvel Super-Heroes, Part 13”)

So, if it wasn’t clear already, the Marvel Studios is now officially really confident in their “shared universe” approach to their superhero movies. I mean, we’ve known that’s what they are doing from nearly the beginning, and we’ve been excited about it ever since Robert Downey jr. showed up in the post-credit scene of The Incredible HulkAvengers was built in many ways on the goodwill and anticipation that was built up by the various hero’s prior appearances in their solo films.  And we fans have come to expect the gratuitous cameo appearances, like Chris Evans showing up Thor:  The Dark World or Anthony Mackie’s Falcon getting a big scene in Ant-Man.


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Ant-Man (including Spoilers)

Well, I’ve seen Ant-Man! That seems like it took a while, but I guess it’s only been out a few weeks. Movies are a bit pricey in Australia so all I had to do was fly to Thailand and then it became easy to afford (even as I write this, I am waiting for my showing of Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. Thanks, Thailand!)

Anyway…Ant-Man. Could it possibly be any good? Well, you already know. It’s been out for a while and you’ve already read reviews and blog posts, if you haven’t actually gone out and seen it yourself. And the answer is yes, it is. It’s pretty good. Which just goes to affirm the fact that you can skillfully tell a story about just about anything if you’re canny enough. Of course, Ant-Man is a bit silly, but thank goodness for that, right?

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