Favorite Fictional Heroes Countdown–Part 9 (#20-11)

And the countdown to my favorite fictional hero continues.  In today’s post, we have 10 characters who for the third time are all male, although three of them are not human beings.  Another two were born on earth, but mostly work in outer space.


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47 Movie Blogs #27 – 5 Favorite Spielberg Films

Steven Spielberg is obviously one of the best known and most celebrated film makers of the last 40 years.  IMDb lists him as the director of 29 theatrically released feature films.  29.25, actually, if you count his segment in The Twilight Zone:  The Movie.  Of these, I have seen 19.25 of his movies.  Continue reading 47 Movie Blogs #27 – 5 Favorite Spielberg Films

Bridge of Spies

This last year and a bit has been a strangely prolific time for the movie making business when it comes to spy movies. An unusual number of high profile projects have made it to the screens, most of which have got some connection to the 1960’s. Either they are based on TV shows from that era (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and The Man from UNCLE) or they are parts of movie franchises that take started then (Spectre). They may even take place in those earlier decades (The Man from UNCLE, again, or even Minions, which is not a spy movie of course, but parts of which have that kind of vibe), or they are intentionally trying to capture the feel of movies of movies that do (Kingsman: The Secret Service).

Some of these films were enjoyable, some were not, but none of them would ever be accused of being serious drama. That is, unless Spectre defies all expectations (I haven’t seen it yet).

The recent 60’s-centric spy movie that is serious drama, though? Bridge of Spies.

Bridge of Spies.jpg

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