Doctor Who: Looking Back at 47 Days #23 – Startling Story Conclusions

A few years ago, I did a series of 47 daily posts which all looked at different questions related to the revival series of Doctor Who, focusing on stuff I like about the show. I worked out a series of questions in advance and then picked one randomly for each day. I’ve decided to revisit the series to see how my opinions may or may not have changed, and to bring two of my daughters into the discussion, since they are both big fans and have recently finished watching the revival series.

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Catching up on Doctor Who – Episodes 4, 5 & 6

Well, things got busy.  I can’t believe that it’s been four episodes since I commented on the current season of Doctor Who.  What have I been doing all this time?  Just sitting around and feeding my cat and working on my movie and playing with the kids, I guess.  And work.  And watching TV.

Actually, there’s a lot of TV I’m watching, compared to normal.  Not only am I creeping forward on my Star Trek viewing, but also I downloaded the first episode of Supergirl (free on iTunes!), and I’ve also been checking out (finally!) Daredevil and the last season of Falling Skies (thanks, free month on Netflix!).  There’s a bunch more that I’m not watching but would like to, because it’s not available in Australia anywhere that’s free and easy (and legal – I like to vote with my legitimate viewing, when I can).  So I haven’t seen any of the current season of Flash or Agents of SHIELD, yet.

But I have been watching Doctor Who.  Because that show is a bit of an Australian phenomenon, so it comes out pretty much right when it airs in the UK.  And I am enjoying this season.  It’s not perfect, I guess – most stories have got something in it that falls short of ideal.  But, every story has still been solid and enjoyable–something that’s grabbed my attention and kept me coming back for more, even if I wasn’t already pretty much committed to watching this show every week already.

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