Doctor Who: Medicinal Purposes [Big Finish]

As is well-known, Doctor Who started off with a desire to be at least somewhat educational–bringing up both scientific and historical concepts in a way that allowed children to learn about them. This was most obvious in the “pure historical” adventures of the 1960’s, where the Doctor and company would interact with the likes of Marco Polo and Richard the Lionhearted. Though this focus fell by the wayside in most of the show’s history, recently you can see Chris Chibnall doing his level best to teach his audience about less celebrated points in history. And every once in a while, a Big Finish audio comes along that has the side benefit of informing its listeners about real-world people and events. Medicinal Purposes is one such audio–at least it was for me.

Spoilers (for real)

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Doctor Who: Arrangements for War [Big Finish]

Arrangements for War is the 57th release on Big Finish’s Doctor Who Main Range. It was written by Paul Sutton and came out in May 2004–less than a year before the show relaunched on TV. Even though these audios were released monthly, this one starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor follows immediately not from the previous release (see here), but rather from Project: Lazarus, which was release #45 and which came out nearly a year earlier.


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Doctor Who: Project: Lazarus [Big Finish]

Creatures of Beauty was the 45th entry in Big Finish’s “Main Range” or “Monthly Range” of Doctor Who audios (released back in 2003), featuring both Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor. Maggie Stables also featured as Evelyn Smythe, the Sixth Doctor’s audio-only companion.

(Daily Doctor Who #257)

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