The Royal Salt Shaker

Or more accurately, it’s a table salt with multiple small drawers that was created back around 1630 and is part of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.  Traditionally, I’m not much of a “jewel guy”, but these things were pretty amazing – definitely worth a look if you’re in the area.  Continue reading The Royal Salt Shaker

Fifty Things I’d like to see (or not) for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

And so today, November 23, is the 49th anniversary of arguably my favorite television show, Doctor Who.  That’s very exciting, but of course the big news is that next year that show will be turning 50.  There’s been a fair amount of hype as we head into the 50th anniversary, but very little details other than that we know there will at least be the last 8 episodes of Series 7 airing sometime early in the year.

So I got to thinking, what do I want to see in Doctor Who’s 50th year?  Then I got to thinking…could I come up with fifty things I wanted to see?  I decided to find out! Continue reading Fifty Things I’d like to see (or not) for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

That’s Just Crazy Talk: Skyfall

When I was watching Skyfall recently (in London, of all places, where the film was preceded by mountains of commercials and trailers that put in even Australian cinemas to shame, including a little promotional for Skyfall itself), an idea set in my mind, an idea I just couldn’t shake. Continue reading That’s Just Crazy Talk: Skyfall