Stuff I’ve Read, Watched, Done – March 8, 2022

Life continues! And that means all the things that make up life continues. The School of Communication that I am helping to lead, the editing of the documentary about Sister Veronica, the editing of the documentary about Mt. Margaret Mission, and of course, as always, my film and television viewing.

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Mary Poppins Returns–doing Nostalgia right

Star Wars Episode 7.  The Day of the Doctor.  Ocean’s 8.  Live action Beauty and the Beast. All, on some level or another, movies that offer some fun in the viewing–some thrills, some warms feelings, some familiar taps of the toe to classic songs and musical themes.

In other words…nostalgia–that feeling of fondness and comfortability that comes from revisiting sights and sounds and situations that used to occupy happy places in our hearts in the past, especially from our childhood.  Mary Poppins Returns, the sequel to the 1964 Disney classic, definitely trades in on that nostalgic quality to earn some of its goodwill.  But it does so perhaps in the best way I have ever seen.

Mary Poppins Emily Blunt.jpg

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