Lateral Thinking Puzzles and Disasters in the Making

I really enjoy lateral thinking puzzles.  These are those puzzles that are made up of some obscure statement, designed to lead the listener to making a false assumption, that they then have to figure out the truth of in a series of yes/no questions.  You know, like figuring out that the person who steps through a 10th story window and jumps down yet still survives is actually stepping into the building, not out of it, because he was on the outer ledge when the puzzle began.   That sort of thing.  Continue reading Lateral Thinking Puzzles and Disasters in the Making

Superman’s Anniversary – 75 Things

According to Brian Cronin, who seems to know so much about comics that I think we should really just trust him, today is the 75th anniversary of the first Superman comic being published!  I just found out about this a couple of weeks before the big day.  How could I have missed being aware of this, I wonder?  Continue reading Superman’s Anniversary – 75 Things

Doomed Planet. Desperate Scientists. Last Hope. Kindly Couple. Superman.

The other day, for a friend’s birthday, I watched, for the second time, the DC original animated film All-Star Superman. It was the sort of film that a good chunk of the guys who were hanging out and watching would not normally be interested in, for whom in fact the phrase “DC original animated film All-Star Superman” would have no appeal whatsoever.  It was interesting to watch it through their eyes, to imagine how these non-Superman aficionado, non-comic book fan audience would perceive this particular presentation. Continue reading Doomed Planet. Desperate Scientists. Last Hope. Kindly Couple. Superman.

Legion of Super-Heroes Archives • Volume 1 Part 1

Continuing on from my previous post about the Legion of Super-Heroes, this is a closer look at the first half or so of Legion of Super-Heroes Archives Volume I.

The stories in this volume are a bit of a strange animal. There are 19 tales (plus some extras), the first dozen or so of which come from the various guest appearances the Legion made in stories starring Superboy, Supergirl, and Superman, prior to them getting their own series in Adventure Comics in 1962.  So a big part of this volume are more of a survey of the silver age zaniness of the Superman titles under editor Mort Weisinger than anything else.  In fact, the Legion feel surprisingly ineffective in many of these stories, and it took a while before we actually saw any of them effectively fight crime or save people.  Often, instead they seemed to be playing reckless or goofy pranks.  More and more in the last third of the book, it begins to tell tales of the Legion itself, and we get more of an idea of why the people of the 30th Century really consider these guys to be heroes.  And yet through it all there are lots of key elements of Legion mythology that are introduced.

Continue reading Legion of Super-Heroes Archives • Volume 1 Part 1