Fictional Twins [Random Pop Culture Top…Twelve]

Welcome to a Random Pop Culture Top 10! Though in this case, it’s a Top 12. But to be honest, it’s not really a Top anything. More of a Random Twelve–twelve examples that came to mind, listed in my ascending order of preference. Indeed, one of them especially is pretty bad–a strong contender for a “Bottom 12” list.

In any case, the topic today is Twins in Fiction.

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Gravity Falls

From 2012-2016, two seasons of Gravity Falls aired on the Disney Channel. For part of that time it was apparently the networks highest rated program, and remains popular with its fanbase. Part of that fanbase is my middle daughter, who recently took advantage of our extended time together alone (the rest of my family were away traveling) to introduce it to me. And now I’m part of that fanbase as well.

Some Spoilers. Not tons, but some.

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