The Lego Movie

OK, we’re writing this rapidly, but the quick thing to say is that The Lego Movie is surprisingly good and funny.  I went into it with really no expectations at all and found myself happy and in a good mood the whole way through. Continue reading The Lego Movie

Reflections on “A Christmas Story”

A Christmas Story is an example of one of those films that I have always liked.  It made a big impression when I first saw it in my childhood, and I’ve always considered to be one of the most outright enjoyable films I’d seen. Continue reading Reflections on “A Christmas Story”

Frozen in the Park Last Night

So, apparently a pleasantly cool Summer evening + a Friday night before Christmas + school holidays + a new computer animated children’s movie (in Australia anyway) = a really crowded night at the open-air screening of Frozen in the city park last night.  So even though it was being projected on a big screen, we were so far away that it was roughly the equivalent of watching a 34 cm TV sitting at about 3 metres away (estimating, of course). Continue reading Frozen in the Park Last Night